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Life throws us curveballs daily. We do our best to take care of the unexpected situations and challenging events in our lives. However research indicates that prolonged stress and anxiety can reduce life expectancy. Simply put, stress is a killer.
Are you able to identify and acknowledge the stress that you are experiencing? You can probably count 10 or more ways that stress has impacted your life negatively. Awareness is a must in order to begin strategizing your survival plan. So what are you doing about it? Learn these 5 super stress buster suggestions that are sure to not just help you get through it and survive, but actually thrive.
Stress Buster Tip #1: Meditate daily.
Through your meditation practice, you’re acknowledging and prioritizing YOU. You are guiding to set daily intentions or personal targets. You’re setting yourself up for success. If you have never mediated earlier, no worries. There are an assortment of quality meditation apps that are easily available to guide you as you explore the benefits of meditation, many at no cost. You’ll begin feeling calm and confident again and will start to feel your stress melt away as you practice daily meditation.
Stress Buster Tip #2: Practice bodily self-care activities.
There’s no doubt that you are aware of the significance of the basics of self-care: a healthy and balanced nutritional plan, daily exercise and adequate sleep so as to live your best life. Knowing is one thing; doing is something different. Self-care addresses and reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body.
Be vigilant about the foods that you consume. Plan ahead and be sure you are nurturing your body with a healthy and balanced regimen of nutrients such as protein at each meal, many different vegetables, fruits and a great deal of water. Eating healthy supplies positive energy to your body and is key to a healthy quality of life.
Be mindful of organizing your day to add at least 30 minutes of exercise. Endorphins are released when you exercise, fostering your emotional outlook and providing a better feeling of well being. Besides the physical benefits, when you incorporate regular exercise into your everyday routine, you feel less stressed, more relaxed and ready to meet any challenges that come your way. In actuality, a lot of people claim that they do their best difficulty and brainstorming during their everyday workout. When it’s running, yoga, working out in the gym, or even walking your dog, make it a daily habit and embrace the chance to re-energize and de-stress.
Be laser-focused on ensuring you are getting a full night’s sleep that’s restful, restorative and induce you to wake up every morning ready to accept a brand new day. The number of sleep varies for every person. Whether it’s 7 or 8 hours, or a little less or more, studies have shown that maintaining a consistent schedule of going to bed at exactly the exact same time every night and waking up at precisely the exact same time every morning is key to optimum good health. Sleep calms you and recharges your private battery, equipping you to face whatever challenges come your way, without undue stress or stress.
Stress Buster Tip #3: Exercise attitudinal self-care.
In addition to the three basic fundamentals of self-care as noted above, let us add another crucial element of self-care: attitudinal self-care. You have heard the expression”You are what you eat” Likewise, one of my Essential Mottos is:”You are what you THINK.” Practice positive thinking as much as possible. You’ll be able to brainstorm answers to your everyday challenges. Do you see the glass as half-full or half-empty? With a focus on attitudinal self-care, you will begin to see the glass . And then, it’s likely your vision of your world will be open to infinite possibilities and probabilities. Another one of my Essential Mottoes is:”There’s no such thing as problems… only solutions.” See your glass . See the infinite possibilities. Smile and practice positivity every day, as much as possible. Your positive attitude will let you worry and worry less, and you’ll probably reap amazing benefits to mind, soul and body.
Stress Buster Tip #4: Reach out to a friend.
Social isolation increases the odds of loneliness, negative self-esteem and anxiety. Interacting with family and friends will help you to neutralize the stress and stress that you may be feeling. Reaching out to a trusted friend or family member is a positive step forward. Even if you’re reluctant to make that call or send a text, know that there’s a loving and supportive network out there for you to contact… and invite yourself to connect with other people. Caring for a pet is curative as well. Positive social interaction and connection is key to reducing your stress levels.
Stress Buster Tip #5: Be resilient.
A Japanese Proverb reminds us that, “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” You may see that some people today appear to have the ability to handle their stress better than others. You may also wonder, in particular, why they seem to handle their stress better than you. Learning how to become more resilient will allow you to take things in your stride, deal better and manage difficult situations without undue stress or stress. Practice more flexibility in your life. Be less rigid. You will stress less and become stronger like the pine tree in the Japanese proverb.

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